Maybe Sex and the City isn’t a documentary…

21st Century Rewatch: Bridget Jones’s Diary and Toxic Femininity

A while ago, a male acquaintance of mine asked me “So we’ve seen lots of film examples of toxic masculinity, but what about toxic femininity?”

From an outside perspective, Bridget seems like she’s got pretty much everything.

Bridget, in the entirety of the film, gets no negative comments or reactions from men about her appearance.

Every negative comment about Bridget’s appearance comes from other women.

What Bridget says she wants is the opposite of what she actually wants.

When Bridget breaks up with Daniel, it doesn’t change her self image or beliefs.

Bridget’s friends are an echo chamber for her toxic femininity beliefs.

Bridget only becomes happy after she lets go of her toxic femininity ideas and reacts honestly.

Maybe I’m overthinking this.

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